How do I ride a snowbike?

Snowbiking is very intuitive and easy to learn quickly. As the saying goes, it is just like riding a bike.  The “reflex” method you learn in the first 30 minutes can often be used for the next several levels of riding including steeper runs, powder, tree runs, and even the groomers.   However, below are a few tips to improve your snowlike skills in a shorter time.

  1. In the basic sitting position, keep your knees together, arms straight and do not put weight on the foot ski.
  2. When you want to turn, use your head to look in the direction you want to go which will make the back ski skid
  3. The best way to control your speed is by skidding and making quick stops by turning the entire bike upslope.
  4. Riders use the foot skis to assist with balance and control.
  5. Use the basic skills you learned from riding a bike and apply it to the snowbike.


 How to get on and off the chairlift?

The best way to take the chairlift is by standing upright, keeping your shoulders back on your foot skis and placing the snowlike between your legs.  While on the chairlift, when seated hook the SnowBike seat to the arm rest or behind the pole. Make sure you always keep one hand on the bike at all times.  If you are heading up on a gondola, the SnowBike will fold up easy so you can transport it onto the gondola.  Once inside of the gondola, place it on the floor between your legs.

Where do I buy a snowbike?

There is a specific type of bike manufactured in Austria known as the Brenter Snowbike® and the bike was designed and built specifically for riding on the snow. Light weight and easy to maneuver, it has skis instead of wheels.

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where do I buy a snowbike that goes down hill

If you are not ready to buy a SnowBike, why not think about renting one for the day.  Better yet grab a group of your friends and go explore the mountain on a SnowBike.  If you are have a basic biking experience, you can take the SnowBike anywhere you would take a mountain bike.


Where do I rent a SnowBike?

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Rent a SnowBike to take downhill on the ski slopes

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Currently there are locations to rent SnowBikes in many of the resort towns.



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