Learn how to drive a race car

  There are many classes offered where you can learn to race on ice, drive stock cars or even gokarts.  Taking your driving skills to the next level will help you prepare for the unexpected.  Intentionally sliding the vehicle will make you more prepared when or if it happens in real life.  Avoid accidents from happening in all situations can be learned by keeping the car under control.

Reality is not all adventure travel has to be human-powered to seek that adrenaline rush.   A few spins in a race car around the racetrack should do the trick.  If the idea of going around a corner at 100 miles an hour sounds like a great time, then put on your safety gear and get behind the wheel of a professional race car.    Amateur speed enthusiasts can experience the thrill of race car driving in a speciality designed school.

If you are not interested in learning how to drive a race car, race car driving school is the way to go.  If you just want a one time turbo-charged experience, then there are companies that offer you to ride along as a passenger.  You can even get into a drag car which will take you from zero to 100 mph (161 kph) in just a few seconds will certainly be one of the greatest thrills of your life.

Race an Exotic Car

A true adrenaline seeker has a fascination with fast moving things.  Besides the thrill achieved through sports, cars can simulate that sensation.  There are organizations that give you that ability to simulate the idea of race car driving where you can drive expensive luxury cars as fast as you can around a speedway track guaranteed to leave you smiling ear to ear.

Instructors are usually in the car with you giving you tips on how to push the limit of that particular make and model.  Speciality cars like the Lamborghini, Mercedes, Aston Martin or a Ferrari are not only beautiful to look at, but are also meant to perform like they do on the race tracks.  Step out of your comfort zone, push your limits and get everything you want out of that car.


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Learn how to drive a race car

Few sports will satisfy your need for speed like racing an exotic car.  It might seem scary for the first lap, but almost guaranteed to leave you begging for more.  I personally take no responsibility if you fall in love and looking at that old standby car in the garage might lack the luster you once knew.  Pushing the pedal to the metal awakens your senses with power and control.   Highly likely that the sensation will make you feel on top of the world and screams of exhilaration are a probability.  Again, I take no responsibility if you become a race car junkie.

What you will learn in Race Car Driving School?

What is Drifting? 

Originated from Japan, drifting is an adrenaline packed thrill ride that gives an all new meaning to the word “drive”.   You might have an idea of what I am talking about from the movie Fast and Furious.  Drifting is when the driver intentionally over steers the car which in turn will cause a loss of traction in the rear wheels.  The maneuver is usually performed while going around turns and the result of this extreme sport is to maintain control of the vehicle at a high speed.  As the car drifts, smoke from the tires on a track are likely or the spray of dirt in a rally car.  Serious skill and practice  are required to successfully drift a vehicle so do not go out and try this at home.  The idea is not to burn out a bunch of tires, but instead to learn  the proper technique and efficiently control the car at fast speeds.

“I feel the need, the need for speed.”

As it would be great to explain the sport through words, I would suggesting watching this video so you have a better idea.   Basically using the hand brake to slide, the tires of a car slide around the corners.

If you are interested in practicing a handbrake turn, it is easiest and safest on a snowy wide open surface like a parking lot.  Make sure you will not hit anything.  I like to call these donuts, but drifting and donuts are similar.  The benefit of using the snow is that it does not create friction like asphalt and you will easily glide and not burn out your tires.


Another skill you will learn in race car driving school is how to Draft.  Drafting is when your car absorbs the slipstream of the car in front of you.  Drafting can help you to win a race because the slipstream causes your car to increase revs and go faster for a short period of time.   This technique is used when you are trying to catch up to the lead car.


One of the most obvious strategies in race car driving is to pass as many cars  as possible by coming up on either the right or left side of the car.  Unlike passing grandma on the highway, even the driver in front of you is trying to pass someone on the straightaway.  Passing on the race course is much more difficult since that driver might not want anyone to pass.

All of the cars are battling for position and if the car in front of you is on the same lap as the leader, they might try to block  which means he or she will put the car exactly where you are going to try to pass. Patience is the key to successfully passing another driver and stay right on the bumper of the car in front paying attention and to make a move on one of the turns.


There are a few tricks from the experts into finding the right line to make the move and you can see the line that race car drivers use on the track.  They are always trying to maximize efficiently so they must always look for the most direct route around corners.

Learn how to drive a race car – TIPS 

Two second Rule

Either on your daily commute to work or on the race track, experts advise looking two seconds in front of the leading car instead of just looking at the leading cars brake lights.   At all times, focus should remain analyzing the road two seconds ahead.

Smooth hands

The mother the transitions and moves the more efficient the car performs.  The trick is to react fast, but keep your hand movements smooth and precise.  Panic will only increase the odds of the car getting out of control.   Your goal is to keep cool and prevent the car from buying like a wild horse.

Left-foot Braking

In racing, braking is a necessity and professional race car drivers know that doing it efficiently is the trick.  You will want to minimize your transition time form the gas pedal to the brake and to do this you need to use one foot.  Time saved will allow the driver to brake later into the turn.

Drive a stick

With the exclusion of the TESLA, most race cars are a stick shift with multiple gears.  Driving a stick forces attentiveness and makes you focus on using the gears to slow or increase your speed.   It also connects you with the car making the whole driving experience more engaging.

Sit close to the wheel

A technique known as to get “up on the wheel”.  While NASCAR drivers take it to the extreme, you might want to have your elbows bent at  a 90-degree angle which will enables you to catch a slide more easily.   When the body position is close to the wheel of the car, it ensures the muscles in your arms a quick reaction speed.

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