Best Guide

Best Guide

How to pick the best guide for your next adventure?


Adrenaline Escapes hand picks local guides and professional instructors that are passionate about what they do.  They live breath and make their living following their interests and passions. It is not always an easy road, but the rewards are loving ever moment of your job.  Exceptional guides are enthusiastic, friendly, and very personable.  They exude a positive energy that gets everyone on the trip motivated and exciting about the adventure.


Local guides know the area.  They are aware of the destination and can teach the guests new things about the culture and history.  A knowledgeable guide tends to be curious and continues to learn new things to share with others.



The best guide is one that everyone knows.  They can share with you more than the experience of the adventure, but get you deals at local dining establishments or give you tips that only the locals know.  A good guide will avoid large crowds and have access to places that many people are unaware exist.  Going with a local guide provides a unique one of a kind experience unlike a structured trip with a big company.


Our guides love sharing and learning about their clients.  Most of them have been and continue to be travelers themselves, so they understand the importance to go above and beyond for their customers.  They want to create something special that will be remembered for years to come.  Guides are aware of the group dynamic and can adapt the trip to your needs and the expectations of the group.  A good guide wants the best for the trip and will make connections with all members of the group.


A good guide loves what they do and sharing their favorite places and experiences with you.  Depending on your skill level and interest our guides can custom make an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.  Our guides make this their way of life and are always out exploring the great outdoors.  What makes them special is that they create each tour as a unique adventure sharing their wonder for the world with their energy and enthusiasm.

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