LEARN HOW TO ICE CLIMB? HIRE AN ICE CLIMBING GUIDE Before jumping into the sport, it is important to have some upper body strength to be able to swiftly dig an ice ax into frozen ice.  It is best to begin top roping on a shorter pitch and then work toward more advanced routes.  You…. Read the full article


How do I ride a snowbike? Snowbiking is very intuitive and easy to learn quickly. As the saying goes, it is just like riding a bike.  The “reflex” method you learn in the first 30 minutes can often be used for the next several levels of riding including steeper runs, powder, tree runs, and even…. Read the full article

Parkour:Unleash the superhero

Learning parkour brings our the superhero in all of us. It challenges you to think differently.

Best Guide

How to pick the best guide for your next adventure? PASSION Adrenaline Escapes hand picks local guides and professional instructors that are passionate about what they do.  They live breath and make their living following their interests and passions. It is not always an easy road, but the rewards are loving ever moment of your…. Read the full article

Ski Tips

Ski Tips for the beginner skier    Skiing takes time to master, but following a few of these key ski tips will get you from the green circles to the black diamonds and beyond in no time. LEARN BALANCING SKILLS:  The first time you put on a pair of skis weather it is your first time…. Read the full article


A real local or one who lives and breaths downhill skiing will know the different types of downhill skiing terrain.  Skiing downhill takes skills, but there are many terms that might sound confusing.  I’ve gone through all the types of downhill skiing terrain so you’ll know the right term to use next time you are on…. Read the full article

Snowboard like the Pros

Dropping In:   Jib Skills at Woodward When the snow begins to melt, that does not mean that you need to put away your snowboard and forget about practicing your skills.  Instead why not use the summer to keep improving your snowboarding skills and learn tricks to snowboard like the pros, with a trip to…. Read the full article


IS ICE SWIMMING BENEFICIAL FOR YOUR HEALTH? Surprisingly the cold water stimulates your parasympathetic system which is responsible for rest and repair.  This triggers the release of dopamine and serotonin.  Along with the effect of endorphins and adrenaline from the plunge, ice swimming is packed full of neurotransmitters that are vital to keeping us happy. …. Read the full article

Mountain Biking Hut to Hut

PLEASURE OR PAIN? Do you ever think about that fine line between pleasure and pain?  If you are ready to go hut to hut on a mountain bike, you might want to ponder this statement. Some people might argue that we want to avoid pain at all costs, but in order to heal, we must…. Read the full article

What are Adventure Sports?

Ever wondered what exactly are adventure sports? Adrenaline Escapes takes the extreme out of active adventures in destinations around the world. Adventure Sports are highlighted by each element, so get into your element and start to play.