What are Adventure Sports?

What are Adventure Sports?

If you are not quite sure what it means to participate in adventure sports, then you have come to the right place.   The basic definition that others have used is the words “extreme sports” but none of the activities have to be taken to the extreme.   At Adrenalin Escapes we believe that everyone can participate in active outdoor activities and progress in their given interest at the level they feel comfortable.  It is our mission to help others to overcome the fear associated with sports and to get outdoors and have fun.  All activities can be done well by taking a step by step progress to achieving your desired ability.

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What are adventure sports?

I believe the official definition of adventure sports are activities participated outdoors that may have a higher than normal physical exertion or require a specialized skill or gear to experience. In general we have grown to believe that these types of activities are scary, dangerous and only for risk takers, however we believe that everyone can learn a new adventure activity.  Of course to get good like the pros, you might need to spend hours upon hours and days of practicing.  The media is known for the hype of extreme e sports with a perceived high level of inherent danger, but our site has a focus on the enjoyment and learning to improve.

Any activity can be associated with risk and it is your judgement to determine your skill level before pushing beyond your comfort zone.  However knowing your  skills and abilities will help you to work in small increments, setting small goals to challenge yourself step by step.    Our objective is to encourage you through personal experiences and connecting with others who are knowledgeable about certain activities and can give insights into progression.    If you have never done sports or your are ready to take your sport to a new destination, Adrenaline Escapes can get you there at the level you feel comfortable.


There are many activities and new sports continue to pop up.  Each activity is under the element that the sport is associated.  Ready to explore?  Click on the element below to learn more.


OCEAN            RIVER              ICE                SNOW







Adventurous activities are usually participated outdoors, have some physical exertion and specialized gear.  I believe that everyone can learn new activities, but it is important that you take it step by step in order to get better.   Find out what you love.  Get into your element.

FIRE AIR 300x134 What are Adventure Sports?WATER EARTH 300x136 What are Adventure Sports?

The reason people participate in adventure sports is to challenge themselves, overcome fear, and most importantly have fun.  That is why adventure sports are different than team sports, because even though you might do these sports with other people, it comes back down to you and how far you are ready to push the limit.  Another big factor that plays an important role in these activities are the environmental obstacles and challenges.  Terrain plays a big role in the degree of difficulty and weather can change the situation quite quickly from being safe to dangerous.  In general, adventure sports are a safe and fun way to get out into nature, keep active, challenge yourself, and build self-confidence provided you understand the consequences and fully calculate the level of risk based on your ability.

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