A true test of physical ability, Parkour combines athleticism with fitness along with a combination of gymnastics and stunt work.  Also known as free running, but the original name Parkour comes from where it originated in Paris, France.   The sport is taking gymnastic type style and movements and bringing them to the streets.  The sport uses the urban environment to move from one point to the other leaping over walls, flipping off structures or scrambling off buildings.  When I first saw this performed, it reminded me of artistic street art almost like an evolution from breakdancing, but more physical like gymnastics.  If you love expressing your style like a superhero and live in an urban environment, then this is the ultimate art form using man-made structures to perform acrobatic moves like a superhero.   Parkour, in my opinion, goes beyond just sport, but it uses the mind to see the possibilities of navigating through a certain area by movement.  Just like spiderman, you might crawl on walls,  or learn to unleash your super powers like superman or wonder woman, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Get moving with Parkour

Parkour is getting from one place to another in the most efficient and fastest method possible with the use of the body’s strength.  This is centered on efficiency and defeating stumbling blocks in a proficient way.  The sport’s core idea is about self-improvement, through  the movement and reactions of what is around you.   No matter if you are learning how to squat  run or how to twisting backflip, the objective of Parkour is to explore your own potential and advance yourself at your own pace. One of the reasons why we grow old is because we stop moving, it is time to get moving again.

Parkour History 

Parkour was originally made into a sport by David Belle in Paris, France, who promoted a self discipline focused adventure sport upon the concept of efficient movement in, around, over and within hindrances. Parkour’s training takes into consideration of a mind-body  training in order to overcome barriers and giving you the results you need to consistently complete challenging tasks.  The sport of Parkour originated from a military obstacle course training focusing on running, climbing, rolling, jumping, vaulting, mantling and quadrupled movements.   Think about an action packed movie when the hero is believed to be fleeing  from danger and through this action must be able to take flight and efficiently use each of the objects or hinderance presented in front of them and utilize it to their own advantage.  Parkour has that deeper meaning of overcoming the road blocks in your mind to accomplish great things.

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